Voice over microphones Shoot Out

This is not a “scientific” Voice over microphones shoot out, i just tried to do a “tasting” to the 5 mics that i have in my collection (as a mic lover/junkie etc for my Greek voice overs), for anyone that would like to get an idea of how they sound (Youtube‘s compression given of course).

In order of… appearance:

Vanguard V13 – Neumann TLM103 – Advanced Audio CM87 – Warm Audio WA87 – AKGc214 They were all driven through a Universal Audio 710 Twinfinity pre (in half transistor – half tube setting). Run through the Roland Super UA audio interface. As a Greek voice over performer i recorded the same script in the same pace and style – as much as possible. Hope you enjoy!

My voice over microphone testing (my collection of mics)

Listen to my Greek voice overs work here