Vocal mic tasting

Vanguard V13 and Warm Audio WA87

Besides my GREEK VOICE OVER work, one of my fav moments in studio is when my goddaughters ask me to record something for fun. (Irene 14y.o. and Athena 12y.o.). They both study in the music school.
Few days ago Irene asked to sing/record 2 tracks. So, i recorded with 2 of my mics the Vanguard V13 and the Warm Audio WA87. Then made a quick mix with the instrumental versions found on Youtube. So instead of only uploading a single mix i thought it might be useful for someone to upload parts of the tests dry and mixed. I personally love the Vanguard’s tube smoothness, the full body and its silky touch on the high end. But also found the midforward WA87 really interesting, it gives a vintage tone in this song. I hope you enjoy and i would appreciate any comments. PS. I left a little more of the 1st mix, before i start switching between versions, but she’s got a lovely voice!

Original Songs: Why Don’t You Do Right and Fever by Peggy Lee
Find more mic tests here: https://www.youtube.com/c/AntonisVlavo/videos